Excess Insurance Waiver

  • Excess Insurance Waiver – Protects The Excess on Your Insurance
  • Young Drivers Qualify – No Age Restrictions
  • Multiple Products – Motor, Car Hire, Multi Motor, Taxi, Home and many more
  • Domestic & Commercial – Available to both the Private and Commercial sectors
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  • All Drivers
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What is Excess Insurance Waiver

High Insurance Premiums and High Excesses are now part of everyday life and as per usual we the consumers have to suffer. With our motor Excess insurance waiver you can at least level the playing field and protect that excess with any one of our excess insurance products. Motor Excess Insurance Waiver comes with FREE PAYG Breakdown Cover membership.

One Stop Shop

XS Insurance Waiver the one stop shop for all of your Excess Protection needs. Insurance premiums are going up and so are the excesses that insurance companies demand. Young drivers are hit the hardest so protect yourself TODAY! from a high and nasty Excess loss. Our Motor Excess Insurance Waiver covers both cars and motorbikes so all you have to decide on is your level of cover and checkout. Happy Shopping!

Benefits of Excess Insurance Waiver

By registering with our FREE £100 excess insurance waiver, you can get more benefits
Optional upgrades available for a small fee if you prefer further cover.

  • Product Summary

    Motor Excess Protect Excess Insurance Waiver For Cars Excess Insurance Waiver provides you with peace of mind. This innovative solution reimburses your excess payments on your car insurance policy, which means if you are unfortunate enough to have to claim on your car insurance then the excess on that insurance is covered up to the value of the excess protection that you have taken out. (Subject to certain terms and conditions).

  • Example

    For example if you or an authorised driver of your car had an accident and the claim cost was £2,687, and your excess was £500, then you would have to pay that £500 before the repair garage would release your vehicle. Or your car might be stolen, and your insurer would pay you the value of the car less that £500 excess. If an accident is not your fault but it takes longer than 6 months to get your excess back from the liable party then again you get paid out.

  • How it Works

    You have to select the amount of cover you require for the year. The options available to you for a 12 month policy are:

    Annual Cover – £250 = £25
    Annual Cover £500 = £30
    Annual Cover £1000 = £40

    Prices are inclusive of IPT (Insurance Premium Tax)

  • Save Money

    Save even more money If you opt for a higher excess on your motor insurance policy and you protect it with Excess Protection, you might be able to bring the cost of your motor insurance premium down, saving you even more money. Whether or not this action would prove to be worthwhile we dont know. Insurance companies often differ so check out all possible scenarios when talking to an insurance company. Don’t forget though, that the higher the excess you have on your motor insurance, the higher the cost of the claim would need to be before your insurer will deal with the claim, and you cannot claim on Excess Protection if you cannot claim on your motor insurance.

  • Whats Covered

    Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess applicable under your motor insurance policy for which you are responsible following the successful settlement of a physical damage claim arising as a result of fire, theft, vandalism or an accident that was your fault, or partially your fault, or where within 6 months you are unable to recover your excess from a liable third party. You should make sure that you select a high enough level of cover to ensure that you don’t reach your cover limit to ensure you are never left out of pocket. The only excesses that are not covered are glass excesses. So the excess you have to pay as a result of the following for example would be covered:

    • An accident that is your fault or partially your fault
    • Your vehicle is damaged by fire
    • Your vehicle is damaged by vandalism
    • Your vehicle is damaged by flood
    • Your car is stolen
    • An accident that is not your fault but where you can’t get your excess back off the other driver.
    For a complete breakdown of Exclusions and Benefits then please refer to this products Fey Facts and Policy Wording documentation.

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